Important Family Resource Documents

Video#2 - BACS Reminders and Norms 

General resources


School uniforms

You can purchase your scholar's uniform at:



Plan for college!

Saving for college now can give your child a head start on the path to future success. Consider starting a 529 plan

Benefits of a 529 plan


Visit the Brooklyn Public Library site for children with book recommendations, events, and more.

Apply for a library card

The Brooklyn Public Library offers FREE household internet for eligible students and their families. Thousands of NYC K-12 students are eligible for free internet access for the entire school year. 


Visit for more information about this program. 


Apply for an idNYC card! It can be used as a library card, to open a bank account, to enter all ciity buildings, such as schools, and to access city services. The ID card comes with additional benefits including free membership to 40 cultural institutions and discounts on movie tickets, sporting events, health and fitness clubs and much more.